Our Services



When it comes to hair removal The Plucked Peach has you covered. We offer an array of
waxing services from facial waxing to toes and everything in between. Only using the finest
quality waxes, it is our goal to ensure a great experience and the best results. Our Estheticians
understand that no two clients are alike; prior to your wax we will perform a quick skin
assessment to ensure the right products and techniques are used.

The Plucked Peach also offers a crystal clear vegan, all natural wax for those that are sensitive
to traditional hard and soft waxes.


Sugaring, an ancient middle-eastern practice that uses an organic paste made from sugar, water, and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root. This is a great alternative for those individuals that are allergic to wax preservatives or resins found in most traditional hard and soft waxes.



The Vajacial is a spa treatment performed on the vulva of the vagina; focusing on the pubic
mound, bikini line and outer labia. All Vajacials start with a cleanse, exfoliant and extraction of
ingrown hairs. We offer a variety of Vajacial options that treat hyperpigmentation, ingrowns,
blackheads, vaginal acne, dryness and so much more. Be sure to speak with you treating
Esthetician about which Vajacial better addresses your needs.


Vaginal Steaming is an ancient practice of hydrotherapy, where the client sits over a steaming pot of water infused with herbs and/or fruits. Vaginal steaming is a relaxing way for women and men to address concerns that include, but may not be limited to irregular or painful menstrual cycles, heavy or irregular vaginal bleeding, prostate issues, hormonal imbalances and/or infertility and postpartum concerns. We will not provide Vaginal Steam services to women who are currently pregnant, in full menstrual flow, prone to spontaneous bleeding, having any form of acute outbreak or infection or open wounds at the perineum site. Those with an IUD, prone to infection (herpes, UTI, yeast), trying to conceive (should not steam between ovulation and next menstruation in case they are pregnant), girls under the age of 13 who have reached menarche, experiencing hot flashes and/or night sweats and/or a history of interim bleeding