Late/Cancellation Policy


Late/Cancellation Policy


We understand that life can be unpredictable; adjustments are necessary and emergencies do happen therefore we allow a grace period for late arrival in case you are unexpectedly delayed. As courtesy, we do ask that if you are going to be late, to give us a call so that we can adjust your appointment and our schedule accordingly. The Plucked Peach cannot guarantee to fit you in or perform all services requested if arriving after your appointment time. Please understand that if you are late for your appointment and unable to be seen, we will charge 50% of the service amount (loss of deposit plus tax if applicable) and require that you rebook your appointment for another date.

We respectfully request 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment time. Failing to give 24-hour notice will result in a 50% charge. No-shows will be charged 50% (first no show), 100% (second no show) of their service amount, you will be treated as a walk-in (third no show). By booking with The Plucked Peach, you accept the following policies:

Service Cut-Off Timeframes:

10-minute service:       No later than 3 minutes late

15-minute service:       No later than 4 minutes late

20-minute service:       No later than 5 minutes late

25-minute service:       No later than 7 minutes late

30-minute service:       No later than 10 minutes late

+45-minute service:     No later than 15 minutes late

**If you are arriving late to an appointment for multiple services, we will gladly provide as many of your scheduled services as possible in the remaining time available. Any service(s) that could not be performed due to late arrival will be charged a same-day cancellation fee in accordance with our Cancellation Policy.

**The Plucked Peach will provide a yearly one-time courtesy change fee without occurring a fee.


As per our policies, a no-show will result in a 50% charge of the total service amount the first no show  (loss of deposit plus tax if applicable), 100% charged the second no show billed to your credit card and the third offense resulting in us no longer taking your appointment and you being seen as a walk in. Missed appointments are hard on our staff as we miss the opportunity to fill that slot, and other clients miss the opportunity to receive services. Our policies, including our 24-hour cancellation period give us the opportunity to fill missed appointments and offer services to other clients.  If you have to cancel within this period, please let us know as soon as possible.

1st no show: 50% fee  (loss of deposit plus tax if applicable)

2nd no show: 100% fee

3rd no show: We will no longer take your appointment must be seen as a walk in.

 **An appointment is defined as a NO SHOW if less than 24-hour notice is given to cancel/reschedule service or if a client fails to notify the studio of any rescheduling request after the appointment time has begun.

 **By booking your appointment online, in person or over the phone; you are agreeing to the cancellation policy. If you need to call after business hours to cancel (24 hours in advance), please send a text to the business line at (770) 707-6565 or email us at


We do our best to offer walk-in appointments, however; we may not always be able to accommodate walk-ins, so booking your appointment ahead of time is the best way to ensure you’ll get the service you want when you want it.


All of our appointments are very important to us. We require a deposit of 50% of the total service amount. This amount will later be deducted from the total service amount due at the time of service. Deposit are non-refundable and non-transferable.


For groups booking service appointments (such as wedding parties, bachelorette parties etc.) we respectfully request at least 48 hours’ notice for any cancellations or schedule changes. Cancelling this kind of appointment without giving 48 hours’ notice will result in a charge of 50% of the total service amount. We required (1) form of payment for groups of 4 or more. Please understand that larger bookings take a great deal of scheduling and planning therefore please notify us in advance if you need to change your appointment dates.


The safety of our staff and our clients is our top priority. As such, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if we feel that they pose a health or safety risk. This includes but is not limited to lice, skin infections, open wounds, disease, compromised skin, contagious illness (such as a new, continuous cough or a fever), or rude/ obnoxious behavior as defined by the Esthetician providing the scheduled service(s).


You have 2 days after an appointment to inform us of any hair that you feel we missed. Although this may be a rare occasion it may happen as we all are human. It is our goal to guarantee a wonderful waxing experience as such we will remove the remaining hair for no additional charge.  In addition, we will credit your account 15% off of your next identical service. When scheduling, please inform us that you are scheduling for a 2-day revisit appointment and we’ll gladly correct it for you.

If something beyond The Plucked Peach control (weather, sick staff, etc.) requires us to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we will give you as much advance notice as soon as possible. If we cancel your appointment last minute (less than 5 hours prior to your appointment time), we will credit your account 15% of the total service amount as courtesy for our last-minute change.